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Queering the library

Queering the library explores narratives of LGBTQ+ art history in Tate Library’s collection and asks what role does the museum library play in the formation, collection, and promotion of hidden narratives of art history? How do libraries and archives make visible the invisible?

Instead of defining an undefinable canon of LGBTQ+ artists, this bibliography instead explores a small selection of zines, artists’ books, photobooks, exhibition catalogues and other published material, arranged thematically as starting points for LGBTQ+ art research.

This bibliography was compiled by Holly Callaghan, (former) Liaison Librarian, and is based on the material selected for ‘Queering the Library and Archive’ show and share in 2017. The display was organised around the topics of queer self-publishing within artists’ books and zines; queer portraits, transgender and genderqueer representation in photobooks, and queer art and activism, as well as documenting language, relationships, and representation in letters, diaries, and photographs from the archive collections.

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Queer Lives and Art